As the Climate Change and Resilience Portfolio Manager for UNDP Somalia has stated, setting strong foundations and milestones for environmental management is critical in protecting the environment and ensuring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be met in Somalia, and around the bioregion.


Sustainable development goal 15 is all about protecting and restoring terrestrial ecosystems. It involves protecting forests and other crucial ecosystems and their species.

It involves putting a halt to the terrible biodiversity loss the world is currently experiencing, and reversing a pattern of land degradation. The loss of biodiversity is a particular area of concern. Species abundance is down by 60% since 1970.  In the human food chain, biodiversity loss is affecting health and socio-economic development. There are major implications for well-being, productivity and even regional security.

All these problems are only set to intensify as global warming continues. This goal sets forth targets for preserving the biodiversity of a range of different ecosystems, as a percentage of total land mass, and for restoring ecosystems that have been damaged by humanity.

By restoring dry land ecosystems in Somalia, through a ground-up, community-led approach, we can help to strengthen communities, and return damaged systems to natural and thriving systems that protect planet and people.