Our Team


Yasmin Mohamud ( Managing Director ) 

Yasmin Mohamud - Warsaw Security Forum

Yasmin is leading Camp Dryland Solutions through providing expertise in water management, rainwater harvesting, and catchment designs in Somalia. Yasmin Relocated to Somalia From Toronto, Canada, in 2018 and has a background in civil engineering both as a designer and environmental consultant. The sound technical knowledge, excellent interpersonal and organizational skills grants her the ability to ensure optimal results. Her expertise provided consult services to a diverse range of organizations including power, road and gas pipeline projects. She has an experience in Natural Resource Management Geographical Information System (NRMGIS) in QGIS, python and Jupyterlab platform. In Addiction, she has in depth knowledge on deforestation and land degradation drivers in Somalia. Consequently, she developed expertise in Biodiversity-based Value Chain Development (BBVC) in the Somalia.


 Osman Salad Hersi ( Advisory Board )     


Osman Salad Hersi is an Advisory Board Member with Camp Dryland Solutions. He is an associate professor within the Geology Department at the University of Regina, Canada. Throughout his professional academic career he has taught graduate and undergraduate courses at this university, as well as at other universities in Canada, Oman and Somalia, having gained his degrees at Somali National University, Florence University, in Italy, and Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

 He has a particular interest in sedimentary and environmental geology in different parts of the world (including Somalia) and has undertaken work in the geological mapping, distribution of subsurface reservoirs and aquifers, and hydrocarbon potential of Somalia.


Carla Carballo ( Advisory Board) 

Carla is an Advisory Board member with Camp Dryland Solutions. She is currently a tenured Special Education teacher in the New York City public school system and has over 15 years of teaching experience, serving different high need communities. She has a Masters in Special Education from The City College of New York.

 Carla is dedicated to promoting equitable and sustainable solutions to social issues in her community. She has been involved with organizations such as Home for the Homeless, Muslim Women Institute for Research and Development, IMANA Medical Relief and Cal Aid.

 Mohamed Mohamud ( Advisory Board) 

Mohamed Mohamud has over 15 years experience in the oil and gas industry. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Oil and Gas Engineering from the University of Calgary and currently serves as an Advisory Board Member with Camp Dryland Solutions.

He is a collaborative and culturally sensitive leader who brings out the best in cross-functional teams with differing personalities. He is passionate about giving back to the community and has taken an active role in coaching/counselling young adults for post secondary education, career choices and job seeking techniques.

 Abdiqani Ahmed Farah (PhD) 

Advisory Board & Project Director 


Abdiqani Ahmed Farah (PhD) is the current Secretary General of The Commission for Higher Education (CHE), Puntland State of Somalia, and works within the Schools of Sciences (Agricultural & Environmental Sciences and Civil Engineering) and Statistics at Puntland State University.

He is a member of federal government approved peer review group list and formerly worked as a Senior Research Fellow at HAYAAN Institute for Research and Policy, and in a number of other academic roles. He received his PhD from the Department of Biochemistry, School of Biomedical and Biological Sciences at the University of Glasgow.

As an expert in Biodiversity, Environmental Sciences, Coral Reef Ecosystem Biology, various Agricultural fields, and analytical Chemistry and Biochemistry, Abdiqani Ahmed Farah has worked extensively in conservation, biodiversity-based value chains, ecological knowledge advancement, and ecosystem, particularly dry land ecosystem, restoration.



Shukri Carabey: Hospitality and Events Coordinator


Shukri Carabey is a Somali-Finnish photographer and freelance director currently based in Helsinki, Finland, covering topics ranging from social issues to entertainment. Previously, she was based in Somalia, working in politics and environment based stories. 

Through documentary photography, Shukri wishes to bring attention to sustainability and community development. Representation and inclusion are essential makers in Shukri.