Our first Ecosystem Restoration Camp will be established in Garowe, Somalia. We are preparing to train the trainers in Egypt in cooperation with SEKEM. After the training, we will actively work on restoring the surrounding ecosystem through establishing rainwater-harvesting systems, implementing soil restoration practices, enhance moisture retention in soil, and establishing plant nurseries to re-plant the denuded area.

The camp is designed to become a long-term hub for restoration that will keep serving the region and the whole country.

The long-term vision of Dryland Solutions is to restore as many ecosystems as possible all over the national territory of Somalia while training residents on topics like ecosystem restoration, agroforestry, regenerative agriculture, permaculture, and sustainable land management.

Under the supervision of Ecosystem Restoration Camps (ERC), the camp will become an educational centre where local communities can find information and teachings on the application of permaculture principles, how to maintain and restore ecosystems, and how to make the best of natural ecological processes of plants, animals, weather and nutrient cycles. In the long term, this site will become a demonstration site, as well as a model for agricultural and ecological practices for the whole country.

Ultimately, one of the main objectives of the site will be to inspire. Inspiration will be key to motivating local residents and engaging them in restoring their land. Community engagement will be essential in the creation of a more just, fair, abundant and peaceful society.

Ecosystem Restoration Camp working on restoring degraded landscapes: campdrylandsolutions