Certified Organic Myrrh Gum Resin



Common Name

Myrrh Gum Incense Resin Beads

Botanical Name

Commiphora Myrrha


Puntland (Northern Somalia)


Myrrh is a plant native to eastern and northeastern Africa -Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and the Arabian Peninsula. In addition to being useful for the resin it yields, this plant is also beneficial in land conservation and ecology. Where it grows, it plays an important role in protecting the soil, especially from wind erosion. It is extremely tolerant of drought and can play an important role in restoring degraded landscapes.


This top quality myrrh gum resin was wild-harvested in Puntland, Somalia. It is 100% natural and organic. What is more, by purchasing it, you can play a role in helping to build community and ecosystem resilience in this region.


Myrrh has a long history of use as incense, in embalming, and in perfumery. It has been used in Egypt and other ancient cultures for over 5000 years, in funereal rites, and to cover up bad odours. It is said to be one of the key ingredients in the mythical Egyptian fragrance, Kyphi, and has been used to anoint kings and scent fabrics for religious pilgrims. The ancient Romans even valued it as gold, using it as security for monetary debts. And of course, in Christianity, myrrh is one of the three gifts given to the infant Jesus by the three wise men.


Myrrh has an exotic, smoky, earthy scent. Burn it in an incense burner to be whisked off into another world. Burning myrrh is considered to aid meditation.


Myrrh Benefits


Myrrh gum resin also has medicinal benefits. The resin gum, which is obtained from the bark of myrrh, is strongly stimulant, antiseptic, and expectorant. The resin is taken internally in the treatment of bronchial and ear infections, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, glandular fever, circulatory and menstrual problems. It is used externally to treat mouth ulcers, wounds, and boils and is often added to oral preparations. It is one of the most effective natural medicines for treating sore throats, mouth ulcers, and gingivitis. The mild astringency also makes it a useful treatment for mild inflammatory skin problems.


Always consult an expert before partaking of any herbal medicine.


This product can also be used in conjunction with other ingredients for the development of many cosmetic applications and incense blends.


NOTE: We can also supply raw materials to the wholesale trade.